Monday, June 8, 2015

A New Chapter

I'm please to announce that starting in July I will be joining Insum as a Senior Technical Consultant! I'm really excited to be joining their team which specializes in Oracle and APEX solutions.

A bit about Insum:

"Insum is a highly creative solution center specialized in Oracle Database, developing innovative applications for clients and partners in North America. Founded in 2002, Insum has been assisting customers realize the full benefits of Oracle Database with Application Express since 2005. In fact, Insum is a pioneer with APEX and is today the largest consultancy specialized in Oracle APEX developments in North America. Privately held with offices in Montreal, Canada and South Burlington, USA, Insum has the most complete and experienced staff to serve the needs for complex application development and deployments in a wide range of industries. Come discover our unique APEX center of excellence"

- Martin

Thursday, May 21, 2015

APEX Meetups - Calgary

One of the popular things these days in the APEX community is to have localized APEX Meetups. These are usually monthly meetings where one, or a few, people give a presentation about APEX. These are a lot more informal than traditional conferences and help the community grow in a given area.

I recently launched the Calgary APEX Meetup group: ORCLAPEX-YYC. If you live in or around Calgary and are interested in getting together once a month to hear more about APEX join this group! The plan is to host our first Meetup in early June and are currently looking for a venue to host us. If you can acquire some space please leave a comment on the discussion board.

We're looking to keep these events free and are always looking for sponsors to help fund some of the small costs. If you or your organization is interested please leave a comment on the discussion board.

Monday, May 18, 2015

SQLcl and login.sql

In SQL*Plus you can configure it to automatically run login scripts, typically used to configure your session. These are stored in the files glogin.sql and login.sql. Some examples that you'd find in these files are statements like: set serveroutput on.  You can read more about login scripts here.

SQLcl also handles login scripts, however it may require some additional configuration. The easiest way to leverage this is to create a file called login.sql in your current directory, then call SQLcl from that directory.

If you're like me and launch SQLcl from many directories that approach won't work. Instead, you can create one login.sql file and have it automatically referenced. To do this create login.sql in a folder (in my case it was ~/Documents/Oracle) and then add the following to ~/.bash_profile:   export SQLPATH=~/Documents/Oracle/

Now when you run SQLcl anywhere it will reference your login.sql file.

Thanks to Kris Rice and Jeff Smith for helping with this.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Help Promote Logger

Here's a snippet from a Twitter conversation today between Steven Feuerstein and I around a user that created their own PL/SQL logging platform:

Steven is absolutely correct when he says "You haven't done a good enough job promoting it" ("it" being Logger). Despite my best efforts, promoting Logger is something I've struggled with and need some help.

Based on past emails and conversations, I know they're a lot of developers and organizations using Logger. If you're using Logger, either personally or within your organization, I need your help. Please blog about it (and post the link in the comments section below), email me a quote that I can use (, Tweet about it (use #orcllogger), or mention it at the next conference you go to.

To those that help promote it, thank you in advance.

- Martin

Thursday, May 14, 2015

APEX Docs for iBooks

I'm not sure if this is new news or not, but you can download the APEX documentation in ePub format which can be loaded into iBooks.

To download the ebook format go to then click the download button for the appropriate doc and select ePub as the format.

Here's a screen shot of the APEX API docs in iBooks. I still prefer the online / HTML format but having the docs in iBooks helps when you may not have a internet connection.