Saturday, March 21, 2015

JS Console Wrapper Moved to GitHub

I recently received an email from Google Code stating that they will be shutting down their site early next year. Seeing as an JS Console Wrapper was hosted on there I have had to move it to GitHub:

They're some nice features in Console wrapper that integrate well with APEX however it was primarily created to get around the lack of support for Console in IE. Since the newer versions of IE now support Console, Console Wrapper may no longer be necessary.

If you do use Console Wrapper and would like to see it be improve please create an issue on the project page.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Logger 3.0.0 EA1

In case you missed yesterday's announcement from OraOpenSource, Logger 3.0.0 EA1 was released yesterday. If you're using Logger you definitely want to read the article and learn about all the major updates to Logger. If you're not using Logger, now may be a good time to take a look and see how it can help your organization.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Logger is Moving

I'm pleased to announce that Logger has found a new home and will be maintained by OraOpenSource. A very big thank you goes out to Tyler Muth for starting this project many years ago and handing over the reins to OraOpenSource.

Here's a brief FAQ regarding the move:

What is Logger?

Logger is a (free) open source logging tool for Oracle PL/SQL. It is used in many instances ranging from small applications to very large applications in major corporations.

What will happen with links to the old project page?

They'll still work. The project was forked and a notice was put up on the old Github site letting people know its new home.

Will Logger still remain open source / free? 

Yes. We'll update the license slightly so that it will be easier to understand and use within your code. This will not affect any existing implementations.

When is the next release?

I did a lot of work last year, then was sidelined with my concussion. It turns out that picking up a project after not touching it for 8 months takes some time.

Since I'm working on this project as part of my rehab I can not give a definite time frame. As soon as the beta version is ready I'll make it available.

What is in the next release?

Lots of great stuff! Going forward you can monitor what will be in each subsequent release by tracking the upcoming milestones on the project's issue page.

Will you still post info on Logger on this site?

Over the years I have written a lot about Logger and posted it on this blog. To maintain a consistent branding and marketing effort all future posts regarding Logger will be on OraOpenSource's blog.

What can I do to help?

Right now the best thing you can do is sign up for the email list (link on We'll be announcing the beta version and next major release when it's available. You can also follow OraOpenSource on twitter: @oraopensource.

Once the next release is available we'll be looking for help from the community to continue to develop and maintain Logger.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

APEXposed 2015 - Montreal May 6th

It's back! APEXposed is coming back to Montreal this year for a 1 day event. This conference is lined with some amazing speakers and will be your chance to learn lots on APEX 5, ORDS, and so much more.

They're a few things different with this year's conference when compared with previous years. The first, and biggest is that it's free, yes FREE/GRATUIT, for ODTUG members. For non members it's $150. If you're not an ODTUG member and are looking to save a few bucks it's only $99 for a membership so it's definitely worthwhile to get a membership and then attend the event for free. So sign up now if you don't have a membership.

The second big change is that it's only one day instead of two. We think that this will make it easier for people in and around the Montreal area to commit to. The conference will still cover a lot of great content, it's just packed into one day this time.

Aussi, si vous êtes plus à l'aise avec la langue française, il y aura deux présentations en français.

For more information please refer to the conference page:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Introducing OraOpenSource

As some of you know,  I have been out since last June recovering from a concussion. It has been a very long and lengthy process that has really pushed my limits. The good news is that I'm getting better and have been able to increase my computer time.

Which leads to the topic of this post, OraOpenSource. One of the things that has been very difficult for me to do is use a computer so as part of my recovery/rehab I had to find a small project to work on. The goal was to help me get used to longer screen times and also get back into coding, reading smaller fonts, etc. Thus I decided to start a major push towards open source development for Oracle.

What is OraOpenSource? As the name suggest, it's a site dedicated to open source software for Oracle. They're currently two active projects listed on the site, with more to come. The first major project (which was announced via Twitter last week) is called Oracle XE & APEX VM. It is a build script to quickly build an entire instance. I think it will be very useful for developers who want to quickly build a machine on the cloud and for new people to Oracle.

So what can you do to help out? First, check out the new site You can also follow us on Twitter: @oraopensource We also have a Github site where all of the projects will be kept: Check it out and help out on any of the projects that interest you.

We'll be launching more products and projects this year so be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter and read the blog!

- Martin

On a personal side note regarding my continuing recovery, I'm still not 100% yet and it will take some more time to get there. I'm starting to get back onto Twitter etc. I don't have an ETA for full recovery as each brain injury is different and the recover period widely varies for each person. I appreciate all the support I've been getting from everyone!